Puputan Klungkung Monument

Identification and Power Pull
Monument or building high-rise at 28 meters from the base / base-building in the middle of the city shaped Semarapura Lingga-Yoni built in the area of 123 square meters, has Klungkung Monument Puputan done by the opening of Mr. Minister of Home Affairs on 28 April 1992. The whole Monument is made of stone with black, so in tune with the meaning of Hindu philosophy that is blowing the war or completely done by the best children Klungkung kingdom together with the people.

Bellows Klungkung Monument is located in the middle of Semarapura so easily achieved with either direction of Denpasar, Besakih, Candi Dasa, because standing on the fringe of the traffic channels busy. Klungkung Monument Puputan location is very strategic because it closes to the Kertha Gosa / Taman Gili, Shop Matters Center, Traditional Market and Government Offices.

Since opened Puputan Klungkung Monument has been visited by both tourists and foreign archipelago.

A great nation is a nation that can appreciate the services as the hero, so the string of words that makes the District of motivation in Regional Level II Puputan Klungkung build Monuments to remember and appreciate the services of the noble heroes who have fallen and the expense of real it body and thing life in the property and maintain and uphold the self esteem and Dignity of the nation's Homeland by the Colonial rape. Bellows, which is Klungkung Monument warning of a historic event that occurred on Tuesday Umanis dated 28 April 1908 and in the area of the Monument has been / never occur or Blowing the war completely, which is evidence of a persistent resistance against imperialist efforts in the Netherlands it imperialism drive clutches. Klungkung people who love freedom and respect for a very high purity and nobleness Homeland under the leadership of a king in power at that time and followed the bahudanda have been killed as a result of hiding wander blood bullet bullet-Holland. Despite that Klungkung is the region's only a small area dot of the Homeland Indonesia, but able to uphold and adhere to the soul through the heroism and patriotism of war Blowing. Klungkung Monument shaped Lingga and Yoni was established in the top area of 123 square meters, equipped with 4 pieces bengong hall on the corner-corner of the pages. The phallus baweah there is a very large room for a square building that have an entrance gate of the form 4 of the fruit from the east, one from the south, one from the west and one from the north. Height of the Monument's base to the top of the phallus is 28 m. While the building / room down there with a commemorative such octagonal domed building be based lotus flower as many 19 units. This reflects the whole 28th April 1908. Puputan Klungkung is now as memory each year. Meanwhile, in a room equipped with a Monument diorama, which depicts the struggle of people with Klungkung king.

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