Taman Sari Temple - Klungkung

Taman Sari Temple environments that include consists of two Meru intercropping eleven and Meru intercropping nine and essentially based on a giant tortoise, surrounded by a pool, wrapped by a dragon Ananthaboga, recounted at the time of the gods turned the water of life (Amerta) for happiness and prosperity .


Environmental Pura Taman Sari is located in Banjar Sengguhan, the northeast city of Semarapura, as far as 500 meters or less, can be achieved with either two wheel drive or four-wheel and road is paved, precisely in Kelurahan Semarapura.


Taman Sari Temple environment had a lot of tourists visit, visited only in the context of related research studies prehistoric objects.


Location of Taman Sari in the Northeast corner of Klungkung town approximately 500 meters from the city center. The beauty of this temple visible from Meru intercropping eleven and Meru intercropping nine out of a pool, from the intercropping eleven decorations can we tolerate that it is like Mount Meru. Meru is based on the giant tortoise, immersed in a sea of milk. Then the gods and the giants play Maha Meru Mountain with a dragon Ananthaboga as coiled, with the centrifugal mountain in a sea of milk produced by a variety of products, including the Amrita (the water of life), Such kinds of products including the Amerta (Water of life). Thus according to the story contained in the Adi Parwa will Amerta greatness as a means of life-giving waters of the world and prosperity and purity. Story theme is very compatible with the environment of life functions Taman Sari Temple. Taman Sari Temple environment as a place to glorify the greatness and save Majapahit legacy weapons owned by the ruler Kepakisan Dynasty as assigned by the King of Majapahit to arrange peace island. Even if the weapons are highly exalted greatness was seized by the Dutch in the war Puputan Klungkung in 1908, Padma namuan decorations as symbols of power Anglayang Majapahit still present in this temple environment. Environmental temple built at the end of the seventeenth century when the king began to shift Kepakisan dynasty descended from Gelgel to as sesuhunan Klungkung in Bali. The most important moments of the Environment recorded Taman Sari Temple is the Supreme Deity Kania wife ordered to destroy the Dutch invasion in 1849 in Kusamba. From environmental Taman Sari Temple, he assigns to use heirloom weapon called the soldiers I Seliksik Klungkung. The mission was successful assignment brilliantly, the Dutch army ravaged the coast Kusamba and the largest loss is the death of General Michiels in battle. Since restored by the Archeological Sanctuary Bali starting in 1979 the environmental beauty of this temple has been returned as usual

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